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Who knows a good PC consultant in the Salt Lake area?

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I sometimes get asked if I know anyone who does PC work.  With more Mac users considering using Parallels and loading Windows on, it brings a new level of dual computing on their machines.  I know enough Windows stuff to get along, but there are sometimes more complex issues that come up. Or the customer might have some other PC’s in the office and don’t already have someone that they like working on them.

I have tried to find some good companies or people in the past that I can recommend but nothing has stood out.  Some recommendations have even brought forth complaints from the customer. Is there no good PC consultants out there?  Do any PC guys live and breath the hardware and O.S. like us Mac fanatics do? Or is it just a job for them?

If you are a PC consultant or know someone who is, please contact me. But to recommend you I require you to have excellent customer service skills.  Knowledge is important also, but it is a close 2nd for me. They also have to be able to have a good synergistic relationship with me and not bash Macs. I do not bash PC’s when customers want them for the task they have at hand. (I just prefer to use a Mac 🙂 Also they should not be afraid to troubleshoot windows issues under Parallels VM on the Mac.

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