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Hello, it’s been awhile since I have blogged.  I tend to prefer keeping up on the micro updates with Facebook and Twitter.  Business has been well and not a lot of time has gone into blogging but I felt that I could not go without sharing my thoughts on Steve Jobs passing.

First, a little of the history of my experience with Apple. I remember clearly as a kid getting my first Apple II computer. It was an Apple IIc with a monochrome monitor and a 5 1/4 floppy drive. One of the first Apple computers Apple made. This was back in the early 80’s when “personal computers” were first starting to come out and not a lot of people had them yet. I owe a lot to my dad being a hobbyist and getting a computer and me having the opportunity to play on them growing up.

From there we gradually upgraded as Apple came out with new models. I remember clearly one of my favorite computers was playing with the Apple IIgs (the first color computer Apple made) and all the cool – but simple – games and graphics things it could do. I appreciated technical stuff and some basic language code programming, I even took apart some things, but for me it was more the big picture and whole experience that the Apple computers brought.

From there we migrated into the first Macintosh computers that came out and some of the first laptops that Apple made. Basically I stayed an Apple fan through thick and thin. I remember in the 90’s when many people thought Apple was going to go out of business and less and less people were considering getting an Apple computer. I started my college studies in the late 90’s to early 00’s and decided to get a degree in IT.  Again I thought, I did not want to be a programmer. I could do support stuff but it would likely have to be Windows support which I didn’t love. My main plan was to go into computer networking. But slowly the tide was starting to turn. I remember clearly about Steve Jobs coming back to the company in 1998 and introducing the iMac. Sure it was kind of a colorful computer and not always “manly” but it was a radical idea and had a great operating system. Apple was pushing back into the consumer market and getting people to buy a neat product that wasn’t a boring PC

Yes the tide was turning. I also remember going to a developers conference and hearing the excitement about the first iPod coming out. Really in my opinion that was one of the most revolutionary things to come out that Apple did and got them back on track. As revolutionary as the walkman or the diskman.  It changed the way we portably listen to music and paved the way for the iPhone and iPad. Along with this though Apple was starting to make great computers. The Mac Pro tower, the newer iMacs, and of course their always great laptops. This was exciting and more and more people were getting Macs again.

Of course the iPhone and the iPad has really pushed Apple over the edge to becoming a hugely successful company and has gotten people (that would never consider a Mac) to consider getting one now. I get calls on a constant basis of small businesses wanting to switch over to Mac.

I started my Apple Consulting business back in 2004 full time and before then was not sure if there would be enough business to be a purely Apple person. But it has grown since then and me and my customers have enjoyed the ride that Apple and Steve Jobs has brought to us. Steve Jobs is partially responsibly for my livelihood today.  I am very sad he passed.  It’s hopefully a great rest for him now after battling cancer.  I also have confidence in the company Apple as it stands today and feel they will be on the right track for a very long time. There are quite a few good men in there that can keep things going.

But yes Steve Jobs was visionary. Of all the comparisons I like best is when he is compared to Walt Disney (which is apropos as I used to work at Disneyland also) May we all remember his vision and hopefully it can help us in our lives also.

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