If you plan on getting an iPhone 6, trade in your previous iPhone

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The iPhone 6 will be announced on September 9th.  Some of you may be planning on getting it (especially if you have an iPhone 5 or older).  Well did you know that you can trade in your previous iPhone on Amazon for cash?

There are many ways to “sell” a previous iPhone.  Some decide to pass them down to a friend or family member.  Some look for trade in sites.  Others go through the hassle of selling them on eBay (which will give you the most money)  In my opinion trading in on a site like Amazon mixes the most convenience and value for your time.  What’s more Amazon quotes you a price that locks in for 45 days.  Traditionally as you get closer to the new iPhone announcement the trade in values go down, and especially _after_ the announcement date.  With this program you can decide to trade it in now, keep your great price, and still have a month and a half to get it back to them after you buy the new iPhone.

If interested, go here to see the details:


Amazon: Trade in your iPhone

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