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Kingsley Macintosh Consulting, Inc. has been in business for 10 years in the Utah area, but has its roots in Apple and Macintosh knowledge for more than 20 years. Started by Mike Kingsley, a local Macintosh enthusiast, his goal was to provide Macintosh help and support when he saw that there were not a lot of options for Mac help in the state of Utah. We started providing full service on-site Macintosh consulting in the Wasatch Front with our first goal being customer service. Our second goal was to provide the most knowledgeable service around.

We joined up with Apple’s official Consultants Network, which gave a level of professionalism and service that was unmatched for the area. We also became certified as an ACTC (Apple Certified Technical Coordinator) which shows a high level of both Apple Desktop Software and Server Technologies. Kingsley Macintosh Consulting, Inc. now teams up with the official Apple Store to provide a high level of sales and support along with the services we already offer. Along with that several members have teamed up to provide specialties in areas of Apple consulting and troubleshooting that will cover you no matter if you are a home user or a large organization.

Things we check for

Why might you consider a consultant looking over your system even if you think you have no problems? This shows you how often we run into these common problems when we look over a system.

Having no backup
Software updates need to be run
Disk directory error/or impending failure
Running out of Hard Drive Space
Not enough RAM

Awards and Certifications

We are registered as a Certified Apple Consultant. That means that we have a top level certification from Apple and can confidently help you with your needs.

We also have the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.9 Certification. That means that we have the highest level (and most current) software certification available for both Mac desktop and server products.

  • Mike Kingsley
    Mike Kingsley Founder

    Mike Kingsley started Kingsley Macintosh Consulting in 2004.

    He enjoys long walks on the beach and helping you with your Apple needs.

“That’s been one of my mantras, focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

Steve Jobs

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