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June is in full swing and now is the perfect time to spring clean your Mac before the temps warm up for good.  For example, did you know that programs get loaded up in the startup items over time just like a PC? (but to a much smaller extent)  This can cause your computer to slow down if you do not need them running all the time. Another example is all those lovely icons on your desktop.  The more you have, the more processing it takes to show all those icons especially on an older computer.

Just like a car mechanic we can provide a multiple point inspection of your computer to check over it including looking at logs, running disk check utilities, checking over auto start programs, and give you general training on how to help keep it clean. Not only that but we can help you backup your computer for free as long as you have an external Hard Drive. An ounce of protection in the case of computers is definitely worth the time and small cost compared to the potentially thousands of dollars you can loose if it was to crash without a backup.

Have a happy summer, and remember to keep your computers up to date with any software updates that come out!

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